Your Adventure Travel Advisor

We offer free expert advice and local knowledge, as well as a suite of online tools to streamline the adventure discovery process, inspire and educate, and plan upcoming trips.

Our goal is to make sure you book the perfect trip for your interests, objectives, budget, timing and ability level. Email us today.

Our online tools allow you to:


Discover New Adventures

Browse through over 25 adventure categories and search in specific locations like national parks, rivers, and mountains.


Save Your Travel & Adventure Ideas

Save interesting adventures into Collections to stay organized as you plan your trip.

  • Add planning notes to each adventure
  • Keep track of dream trip ideas
  • Invite friends to join a Collaboration and plan together
  • Ask for contributions to help fund an adventure (great for birthdays, holiday trips, graduations, and even active honeymoon registries)


What’s Beta? 

Because the world is such a large place, and because there are so many rad adventure operators out there, we have focused our efforts on the Western U.S. for launch. Think of this as fewer areas in more detail rather than the full world with little detail. We plan to roll out in more areas as quickly as possible. If we’re missing your favorite tour operator, send us an email at traveler@weallroam.com and we’ll contact and list them asap.


Tips for Using We All Roam


Search Away!    Play with Adventure search by sport/activity category and by location (e.g. Yosemite, Kern River, Mount Hood, Hawaii).

You can even search by Tour Operators & Guides if you would like to do multiple adventures with one operator, combo tours and custom trips.

Use Collections!    As you search, save the Adventures you’re interested in various Collections. Create different collections for organizing upcoming trips, dream adventures and epic expeditions. Invite your travel buddies to collaborate, and even ask for contributions to your trip / tours for a birthday, graduation, holiday, honeymoon registry or other big event!

Learn More:    When you’re interested in an adventure and ready to ask some questions (e.g. is this tour right for me?), then don’t be bashful – click the Learn More button to contact the operator directly. They will be able to give you accurate information to help take your planning to the next level. You can also chat with us and we’ll help you out.

Need More Help?    Our team has zipped, dived, chuted, sent, shred, rode, and trekked on a few continents and are always happy to help your plan an epic adventure!

You can email us anytime at traveler@weallroam.com.


Who is We All Roam ? 

We All Roam launched late November, 2017.  We’re brand new, so you’re helping us build the story every day.

We All Roam was created by Brent Durand, whose 34 years have included experience running endemic websites, online advertising, grassroots marketing strategy, helping launch a niche travel agency, guiding and teaching, leading tours and photo workshops, and quite a few stories from diving, surfing, riding, climbing, camping and exploring on several continents. He is also a freelance journalist and professional underwater photographer.

“I’ve been leading adventure trips & tours for 15+ years and started We All Roam to help channel the armchair adventure inspiration of social media into action. Great adventures are accessible to virtually everyone. We All Roam is here to guide any outdoor lover through the intimidating process of planning an adventure trip – helping set you up with the perfect guide so that you can get outside for a safe, thrilling nature experience.

My belief is that professional guided tours are the gateway to ensure that we all enjoy the outdoors while learning long-held ethics like Leave No Trace, respect, and appropriate safety. Guides work because they love it, often making them the best stewards, passing the stoke and these values along to guests, one new steward at a time.

Let’s go Discover Adventure!”