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I need help with the website

No worries! Send an email to traveler@weallroam.com with a detailed question and we’ll get back to you asap.fist-bump-30px

What is my Trip Builder?

Your Trip Builder helps you to plan, book and then execute your trip. As you browse the Adventures on We All Roam, click the Save button on Adventures that look interesting. Once you have saved a few Adventures, click Trip Builder and then:

  1. Create a new Trip Plan
  2. Add saved Adventures to the Trip Plan grid by clicking the “+". All your saved Adventures are also listed under the grid.
  3. Trip Plans can have any theme! For example: “Hawaii Winter Vacation", “Seattle Area Adventures", “Dream Mountain Summits”, or “Epic Stand Up Paddle Trips”.

In addition, you can:

  • Invite friends to collaborate on a Trip Plan. This allows them to add Adventures as well, so that you can both compare and contrast your options.
  • Ask for contributions to a Trip Plan. Our system collects the contributions and then pays you at the specified end date. This is awesome for birthdays, graduations, active honeymoon registries, etc.

What is Beta mode?

This is our short way of telling you that we have focused our relationships on a few markets in order to deliver more productive search options. Think of this as fewer areas in more detail rather than the full world with very little detail. We’ll be rolling out new markets as quickly as we can.

If we’re missing your favorite adventure tour operator, send us an email at traveler@weallroam.com and we’ll contact and list them asap.

What makes We All Roam different?

That’s easy! We are all about helping you discover the perfect adventure with the best guides. Our powerful search tool helps you search the way you want to: by activity and/or specific location (e.g. a national park, river or mountain).

We also don’t do ‘Book Nows’ because that puts sales pressure on you before your questions are answered. When is the best time to go? Are there going to be charges I didn’t anticipate? Is the tour to hard/easy for me? Instead, we built concierge tool (click Learn More on any adventure listing) so you can get answers to these questions from the guides themselves, while also keeping your communication organized.

We All Roam focuses on outdoor adventure experiences, nature based sightseeing and sustainable tourism so that you can have fun in amazing places, supporting local and widespread conservation efforts.

Are you hiring? My dream is to work in travel.

As a startup, we don’t have any full-time positions available right now, but are always looking for contributors who would like to write articles, share Trip Plans and share content we can feature on social media. If this sounds like you, let’s start talking! Email us at editor@weallroam.com.

For Tour Operators & Guides

What is We All Roam?

We All Roam is a search and discovery marketplace for adventure travel.

We help you market your trips and tours by providing powerful search, planning, and content concierge tools to potential guests, guiding them from outdoor-inspired social media browsers to avid adventure tour bookers.

Learn more about We All Roam and listing your adventure trips & tours:  Adventure Operators and Guides.

Are there requirements to join?

Adventure Tour Operators must be well established, professional, fully licensed companies and guides, operating with all necessary park and wilderness permits.

We emphasize outdoor adventure and nature based sightseeing, and encourage all operators to share their efforts towards sustainable tourism on their profile.

Learn more here: Adventure Operators and Guides

I Have Profile or Trip Formatting Issues

We’re happy to help. Please send an email with your username and business name to partner@weallroam.com. We’ll get back to you asap.

I'm interested in extra promotion by We All Roam

Great! We can easily boost the promotion of your tour, trip or course on We All Roam to help fill trip spots. Please email partner@weallroam.com for more details.

Additional Questions

Please email us at partner@weallroam.com for any questions not answered here. Our team has traveled, booked travel and guided trips around the world.

The more we work together, the better exposure we can create, leading to more guest bookings.