Our Beliefs on Sustainable Adventure Tourism


Sustainability in adventure travel is the future. There are many activity and accommodation choices in the world offering similar experiences, and we feel that when presented two similar choices, we should choose the vendor who is making efforts to protect their natural resources, maintain green facilities, aid economic development of the community and contribute to greater conservation efforts.

This is why we’ve created a field on every Adventure Operator’s profile where they can share their efforts towards sustainable tourism.

When choosing eco-friendly outdoor adventures, we are doing our part in protecting the planet while showing respect for the community we are visiting. And we’re not making any extra effort – we’re simply rewarding those that are already making an effort by spending our vacation money with them.

Adventure tour operator sustainability can take many forms, including joining community boards and green organizations, appropriate forest and park permits, trail work days, Leave No Trace, avoiding single use plastic, and supporting wildlife and habitat research.

The U.S. National Park mission statement summarizes the sustainable adventure tourism mentality perfectly: “…preserve(s) unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations.”

And while it could be argued that an activity like paddle boarding is more green than a wildlife jeep safari, keep in mind that a portion of the money spent on the jeep safari is used for park permits that are funding the park and protection of the animals within. We call this a win!

We All Roam carefully pre-approves and monitors Adventure Tour listings and will not knowingly feature any adventures that include irresponsible fishing, hunting, captive dolphins, and other shows/tours that have well-known reputations for the mistreatment of animals.


We want you to feel good about the adventures you discover on We All Roam!


– The We All Roam Team